Worcester Divers welcome qualified divers, regardless of which agency they’ve learnt with. You can dive with us using your existing qualification, just bring your existing log book and qualification card along when you come down to meet us.

If you’ve not dived in the UK before,  you may choose to have your first open water dive as a gentle orientation dive with an experienced diver or instructor. We can run through any elements of diving that you are rusty with to ensure you are quickly comfortable diving in UK waters. We’ll make sure to pay special attention to any areas important to UK diving, such as the use of Delayed Surface Marker Buoys (DMSBs) and dry suits.

You don’t need to start working towards your next qualification, but if you would like to, then we can help you do that. It is difficult to compare qualifications, because they will all include slightly different things (for example, PADI Rescue Diver has a stronger emphasis on rescue skills than  BSAC’s Sports Diver, but doesn’t include planning dives requiring decompression). BSAC recognises other agencies qualifications, so you don’t need to start again from the beginning.

If you’re already an instructor with another agency, then it’s easy to convert and become a BSAC instructor. Come and have a chat and we’ll talk you through the process.







Come and join us!